Bag Size L

Bag Size L

Big, bigger, the biggest!

HUGE – this word best describes the L bag. If you carry large sized cargo and at the same time can’t resist the many advantages of a bag, then this one is for you. If not, consider whether you really need it. It’s constructed the same way as the M bag but has significantly different size. It is often made to meet customer’s individual needs. Durable and waterproof.
Made of Cordura®.

Made by hands in EU, in our workshop in Warsaw.


  • adjustable double-side shoulder strap (possibility to switch to another shoulder)
  • adapter on the main strap (allows attaching a radio / phone)
  • large pocket under the flap divided in half (28x36x5cm or 11x14x2”)
  • pocket organizer webbing with a carabiner for keys
  • strengthened bottom corners
  • sealing neck that acts as additional water barrier keeping your cargo even more secure (add. 15cm or 6” in bag height)
  • compression straps at the sides
  • eflective tape at the ends of the bag closing straps finished with Velcro for easy folding (prevents straps from hanging loose if you don’t want them to unique Blahol solution)
  • inner Velcro to add in additional sleeves and pockets (e.g. for documents, laptop)


  • dimensions: width 46/65 (bottom/top) x height 35 + 15 neck x depth 20 cm OR if you measure stuff in inches then it’s 18/25,5” (bottom/top) x height 14” + 6” neck x depth 8”
  • capacity: 58 L (39 L + 19 L) or 15.3 US gallons (10.3 gal + add. 5 gal neck)
  • weight: 1.8 kg or 3.8 lbs
  • made of CORDURA® fabric, 100% nylon
  • inner layer coated with PVC which makes the backpack waterproof

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